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Iwia has an excellent brain. She was class first, her grades were very good. But all the sudden her performance started to drop so her teacher calls her in to find out the reason. As it turns out, Iwia's attention turned toward the parties and having a good time, and she would do anything to stop her teacher to call her parents. Anything.
Views: 61 May 26, 2015 Report

Grandpa Eddie has a lot of things to teach to the teenager, Lillandra, about sex. The old fox has a lot of tricks in his sleeves about making a smooth, young pussy wet and how to take a girl to the seventh heaven. Today sweet little Lillandra will learn all these from first hand, when the old man's cock shows her the way!
Views: 1 May 25, 2015 Report

Old pervert grandpa, Albert always loved young pussies better. It is sweeter, it has better taste and it is more exciting for them. He always shows up with girls who could be his granddaughters, such as the naughty little teenager, Brigitta. This cute little babe enjoys AlbertвЂs exclusive attention, limitless enthusiasm, and expert pleasuring.
Views: 1 May 24, 2015 Report

Albert is a real Playboy - even though he might not be as rich as Hef, but he too gets his daily dose of fresh'n'tight pussies! Just watch how the old fart spends an average day: reading newspaper in bed, waiting for her young lover to arrive... Sounds like heaven on earth for old-young porn lovers!
Views: 1 May 23, 2015 Report

There is always a first time for everything, and this is the first time for the university student, Elindi to have sex in front of the cameras with her experienced, black boyfriend, Carlos. Despite of the impressive age difference, the two really find the common rhythm, and have a mind-blowing sex session while the cameras keep rolling.
Views: 61 May 22, 2015 Report

Albert is an old teenager fucker. He is always on the hunt for fresh, young flesh, and somehow he has the charm to lure them into his bed. His current trophy is the tight and beautiful Ashley, who always wondered if it feels good to have an old cock inside her. For her biggest surprise, it felt really good. Just watch!
Views: 1 May 21, 2015 Report

A pocket of condom in the purse is a good sign that the young lady is ready for some action, anytime it may happen. When George finds it in the purse of the cute Nesty, he sees it as a chance to fuck a young cutie and her tight cunt. Luckily for the old man, the blondie loves to explore new things, and apparently she doesn't regret her decision.
Views: 61 May 20, 2015 Report

What do you tell your step-daughter is she asks if she can go out with her friends? Well, if you are a good step-dad, you want to check her homework first. So did Eddie with Leyla Black, a real 'chica caliente', his hot Spanish step-daughter. Well, they ended up practicing more than school lessons...!
Views: 60 May 19, 2015 Report

There is nothing wrong in ageless love, and we shouldn't judge Jenni for being excited to be the lover of a more experienced, older man such as George. Jenni sneaks a tiny bit of youth energy into George's life, especially when she reveals her sweet young body to him for pleasuring and use.
Views: 2 May 18, 2015 Report

Eddie loves the natural girls, and this young slut, Sunny Diamond really kicks the old man's hormone on, probably because Sunny loves an older, more experienced cock inside her wet, hot pussy. Eddie takes the bait like a hungry fish, but who could blame him for being aroused to see such a perfect young body?
Views: 62 May 17, 2015 Report

Chary is a young and very horny gal and she indeed never gets tired of fucking. And when her much older daddy is not able to satisfy her anymore, he just sits back and watches how his sweetheart gets fucked by a complete stranger. What a perverted pair they are...!
Views: 1 May 16, 2015 Report

Brabra is so hot for old cock, you wouldnвЂt believe. She dreams of old cock, she fantasises about old cock, she craves old cock every minute of the day. We took pity on the poor girl, and put this opportunity together for her so she can suck a mean one, put it right in her purty mouth. And Brabra took the chance, she slobs all over this veteran member, and right after that she lets him drill her right into her perfect little pussy.
Views: 2 May 15, 2015 Report

The summer is almost over and probably it is the very last chance to get a decent tan. Albert and his beautiful young girlfriend, Mira decide to have a sunbath. Of course even the late summer sun may be dangerous to the skin, so the use of suntan oil is mandatory. But what if the way the oil is applied  a bit more sexual than usual?
Views: 1 May 14, 2015 Report

Isn't Eddie a lucky bastard, having so many beautiful, young girls around to play with? Doris Ivy is one of his favorites, and rightfully is, because this naughty little vixen will do anything for the old man... she will even lick his ass, if Eddie wishes so. Now let's take a peek into their bedroom, revealing a tiny piece of this ageless love.
Views: 1 May 13, 2015 Report

There are countless ways to conserve your vitality, but Teddy himself puts his vote on the morning sex. What could be better than banging a lovely young pussy and then have a tasty sandwich and a hot coffee? Such a morning routine surely will keep you fit through the passing years, not to mention the fun factor. Try it yourself, it will work!
Views: 1 May 12, 2015 Report

It is really hard to say no to the petite little angel, Kerry, especially when she tries to lure someone between her legs to her always horny pussy. Even such legends like Don Fernando won't refuse such an invitation, and ink their quill in Kerry's tight young 'ink pot'.
Views: 2 May 11, 2015 Report

What can an old (and I mean OLD) pro like Don Fernando teach to a young slut like Sophie Lynx? Turns out quite a lot actually, because Sophie had one of the most enjoyable fucksession of her life with this seasoned veteran. Of course Sophie managed to surprise Fernando as well: the skill she sucked his cock with, the hotness of her fantastic pussy... suffice to say, it was an unforgettable time for the both of them.
Views: 1 May 10, 2015 Report

Dia doesn't feel ashamed about her newest boyfriend, although people usually send disapproving glances at them. Why? Because her boyfriend is George, who is way over 70. Still he knows his way around the female body, and he always turns Dia on. With his experience, George always takes Dia to the top and over... and that is much more than most can tell about themselves.
Views: 1 May 9, 2015 Report

Poor Santa! He has so much errand to do, he surely is tired. Luckily there are some mindful girl out there who appreciate the old man's efforts and ready to show their gratitude in a lovely way. Santa happy to accept the relief coming from the teenager's hands, mouth and pussy... she will surely get a nice present next Xmas!
Views: 1 May 8, 2015 Report

We already know that Coco loves to have sex with more mature people, probably because of their experience, or maybe led by some fetish of her. Today she is especially lucky, because she has the chance to make love with a living legend, Don Fernando himself. If someone, this guy really has experience with women, after all he is in the business since 1977. Lucky Coco!
Views: 1 May 7, 2015 Report

Albert and his famous luck... he always lures the prettiest teenagers into his bed, and it doesn't happen otherwise this time either. Who would say no to such a cutie as Lyen Parker after all? We joins into this ageless romance 'in medias res', and stay with this old-young couple until the very end.
Views: 1 May 6, 2015 Report

The little nasty Nesty had a taste for older men, probably because she finds them somewhat more mature and responsible... or led by some 'daddy-complex'. Whatever is her reason, the pretty young vixen turns into a naughty slut when it comes to sex with a way more mature man... someone like Don Fernando.
Views: 61 May 5, 2015 Report

A horny pussy is not a choosy pussy, so let it be young or old, a hard cock is more than welcomed. Doris cannot control her burning desire, so it is very useful to have the teen-lover old man around, who is always ready to bang that pink kitty. Little young Doris rides the seasoned cock like a real jockey, not stopping until she gets covered with cum.
Views: 64 May 4, 2015 Report

Every girls have a cuddly teddy bear, and Chary Kiss just found herself a new one. Old man Teddy doesn't mind to be the subject of the girl's hugging mania, because he gets much more from the young lover than a simple hug. When that young pussy slides on his old cock, we can understand all of his reasons.
Views: 1 May 3, 2015 Report

Alexa simply adores the old guys! She would do anything to them, and that includes to satisfy their sexual needs. When old pops George shyly mentions to the young woman that he finds her somewhat sexy and he would have ideas, Alexa's reply is quite simple. \"Well, out with it!\" and with that, the old-young fuck session has been started.
Views: 2 May 2, 2015 Report

Vanda Lust looks shamelessly young next to Don Fernando with her eighteen years, inexperienced but willing to learn everything the old man can teach her. The tight blonde beauty enjoys the seasoned cock in her pussy more than anything else, and very likely she won't even bother to find a new boyfriend until the old man taught her every little tricks.
Views: 1 May 1, 2015 Report

Alice Romain has such a sexual gravity that no man can resist to her pull, mesmerized and enslaved by her erotic presence. Eddie is no difference. Clad in his elegant suit, he visits the irresistible vixen just to get enslaved by her sensual body. Things get hot really soon, and the two tangles into an awesome old-young hardcore fun.
Views: 62 Apr 30, 2015 Report

Don't think about anything enigmatic about fate and luck and people destined to something. It is just about perverted grandpa Teddy and his newest little fuck toy, Destiny. It seems the old man still finds the young pussy sweater, and apparently Destiny finds a seasoned cock better. It is a win-win situation for both them, and of course for us!
Views: 1 Apr 29, 2015 Report

Old Teddy loves the fresh, juicy peaches. The old perv grandpa has all the experience behind him to know well what is good for him, and fresh teenager pussies are amongst those things. So he peels Beata out of her dresses and bangs the teen all over till she screams in pleasure.
Views: 1 Apr 28, 2015 Report

A silent lake, an ageless couple, and an exciting old-young love. It would fit onto the screen on a Sunday afternoon, but we prefer to focus on the more intimate parts... the parts that would be on screen after midnight. Let's see how deep is the passion under the shallow looking surface.
Views: 2 Apr 27, 2015 Report

Vicky Braun and old George are getting along quite well, despite of the age difference. Of course, the engine of their relationship is not their long, peaceful conversations next to the fireplace, no. Believe it or not, the bind between them is nothing less than the sex. George fucks the much younger girl as nobody before, and that, our friends, is a decent motivation for her to stay.
Views: 61 Apr 26, 2015 Report

You would think that old grandpa Teddy is retired by now... both from work and sex. Well, maybe he is not working anymore, but he won't retire from the weaker gender... like, ever. Like now, when the lucky bastard bangs such a lovely girl like the busty Alice Romain, making those natural Ds jiggle.
Views: 1 Apr 25, 2015 Report

For those familiar with Lusty Grandmas probably remember the compilation of the youngest studs servicing the needs of kinky grandmas. Let's turn the equation and see how the youngest teenagers pleasure the horny grandpas... after all, age gap can be damn hot, right?
Views: 1 Apr 24, 2015 Report

Old Teddy went baddie, exploiting his superior charming skills and of course sacrificing a healthy bit of money to lure naive teenagers into his bed. Not if cute Minnie needs to much seduction. She is a big fan of mature cocks, putting her vouch on experience. Well, Teddy surely won't disappoint the girl, putting all his skills into use to satisfy the girl.
Views: 2 Apr 23, 2015 Report

Old George is a real ladykiller, and his specialties are teenagers... the bustier the better. Claudia Hot is an excellent choice, fulfilling all the requirements as in she is a teenager and her amazing natural breasts are made to fuck. Old George has a great time banging the teen silly, fucking her mouth, pussy and tits.
Views: 3 Apr 22, 2015 Report

We stand amazed to see how Albert still finds his energy to seduce teenagers into his bed and even satisfy their seemingly endless sexual appetite, but he manages somehow. And until he does, we can take our camera and record every moments of this old-young romance, sending the message everywhere that even such a  big age gap can be sexy.
Views: 1 Apr 21, 2015 Report

Old George and young Alma are such a cute couple. Don't mind the age gap... if something, that makes this strange but hot relationship even better. The way that Alma makes the old cock hard is adorable, sucking on it with gentle love, just to have the seasoned tool penetrating her young pink pussy.
Views: 2 Apr 20, 2015 Report

Both Ubul and George are above seventy, but it doesn't mean they don't like younger women. Agatha is a perfect match from them, less than half of their age, and massively into old men. So the two time-wrecked veteran fucks the young woman over and over, sharing their love back from the 1940's.
Views: 3 Apr 19, 2015 Report

Eddie is not a young man, but he still has an appetite for young, smooth pussies. Having his charm and wealth, it is quite easy for him to find a teenager for his liking, someone like Athina, who would do anything for the charming grandpa to get his old cock. But having a young babe like her needs quite the energy... are you ready for that, Eddie?
Views: 62 Apr 18, 2015 Report

Eddie's newest plaything is Kitty Rich, a blonde teen babe who is always ready for some old-young naughtiness. Kitty's tight pink pussy is constantly wet, giving Eddie the chance to bang the lovely teenager whenever he wants it to, moistening his old cock and kissing the lovely Kitty!
Views: 1 Apr 17, 2015 Report

It always amazes us how is Albert able to put his old hand on (and his old cock into) such lovely girls like Ananta Shakti, but he somehow manages. Maybe there are more girls who prefer huge age-gap than we would think... or Albert has some irresistible tricks that lures young girls to him like nightlight lures the moth. Whatever is the reason, we don't mind since he always let us film him with his young girlfriend... just like now!
Views: 62 Apr 16, 2015 Report

Albert apparently tries to regain some of his youth by hanging out with young, hot girls. They fill him up with energy, their smiles galvanize him, and their tight, tasty pussies makes him horny as never before. Just like Denise Sky, who gives the old man everything he dreamt about and even more.
Views: 1 Apr 15, 2015 Report

Jessy is young, smart and really keen on older men. Luckily for her she could seduce her neighbor, Don Fernando over to her apartment for a good ageless pussy banging. The old man really puts himself into the front line, licking and fucking that smooth pussy all around, and finally shooting his hot jizz right onto that lovely, smart young face.
Views: 1 Apr 14, 2015 Report

Don Fernando is one of the last member of a dying breed. The good, old-fashioned gentlemen who adores ladies, showering them with polite compliments and... cum. Oh yes, even an old guy like him won't be able to resist to a young, sweet pussy, and Nesty knows it quite well.
Views: 2 Apr 13, 2015 Report

Yeah, I'm an old chap, working on the streets of Budapest day after day, year after year. I've been working as a texi driver  for ages, I don't even remember when I started it... And believe me, it's a hard work - but not when your cuties wanna ride with you and they don't have any money with them...!
Views: 1 Apr 12, 2015 Report

Old Teddy got the mood to tend his newest 'garden', looking around in the bush. This bush belongs to Savannah Secret, a hot young woman who is three younger than Teddy himself, still, their relationship is based on mere sexuality and primal urges, even if the old man behaves like a real gentleman.
Views: 1 Apr 12, 2015 Report

Mommy asked his friend to take care of me while she's out. But I never imagined that a good night sleep would lead to him fucking my sweet virgin ass for the first time of my life! But it happened, anyways...
Views: 1 Apr 11, 2015 Report

Albert wouldn't dare to believe that this shamefully exciting thing will happen to him... ever. He was sitting in the bath, reading, not really minding his surroundings when he glanced up just to see the young girl from next door sitting there, clad in only a towel, and up to no good.
Views: 1 Apr 11, 2015 Report

Honey has some trouble with her papers so she decides she'll cross the border illegally. Unluckily, she gets caught, but the border patrol offers her a way to get out: a fuck with him and she's free!
Views: 1 Apr 10, 2015 Report

Kitty is quite young, still, she offers a whole new experience even for the sex veteran Eddie. This girl has so much passion sealed inside her that the old man has to really hold onto his zipper if he wants to keep up, or else the girl's wild sexuality will sweep him away.
Views: 1 Apr 10, 2015 Report

Albert has his own theory about young pussies being the source of his ageless youth, and though we doubt he is fully right, there must be some truth behind his words, because despite of his age, he is still fit and ready for action, as he will prove with his current protГgГe, Daniella.
Views: 1 Apr 9, 2015 Report

How about nice little Gail? She's wearing her glasses and some sexy lingerie, to seduce her private teacher who arrived to her house for a little correpetition. And indeed, she'll learn some things this afternoon!
Views: 1 Apr 9, 2015 Report

Karina loves poker and she's taking lessons to improve her skills. But she doesn't know that Yogi is a big card-sharper and when the old bastard tricks her into a strip poker game... it's evident that she won't be winning - except for a huge dick!
Views: 1 Apr 8, 2015 Report

What could be Teddy's secret that makes him able to seduce such a lovely girl into his bed like Nataly Von? Maybe the countless years of experience? Or his old-school charm? Or is it about money? Whatever is the reason, the young beauty is more than happy to suck his old cock and ride on his dick with her juicy young pussy.
Views: 1 Apr 8, 2015 Report

Kitty Rich's fondness for seasoned cocks was  obvious since the very beginning, but with her current partner, the old George, she goes over her usual interest and fucks a man nearly 60 years older than her. What an amazing age gap this girl tries to bridge with her sweet pink teenager pussy!
Views: 3 Apr 7, 2015 Report

A stranger in need: he pretends he lost his way and when Mercy   offers him a cup of tea he fulfills his evil plan and puts some aphrodisiac into her tea. The result: she's totally out of control and even lets him fuck her in the ass!
Views: 1 Apr 7, 2015 Report

After yesterday's heavy snowstorm I need to hire a snow worker to clean the pavement in front of my house. But what if I don't want to pay for him, only give him and unforgettable event? Take a look at how I satisfied his demands and sexual appetite as well!
Views: 2 Apr 6, 2015 Report

Teddy takes a joyride with Myrna Joy and apparently he is very happy with this tight young brunette. We can understand why. Myrna's tight body looks so fuckable that not Teddy is the only one having a hard-on. The old man explores that tight pink pussy quite thoroughly, and then shoots his cum all over her lower belly.
Views: 2 Apr 6, 2015 Report

Viktoria hopes her boss wouldn't find out that she's an illegal worker in this country. But when he wants to call the police, she couldn't do anything else but convincing him of her usefulness - in sexual ways!
Views: 1 Apr 5, 2015 Report

Eddie puts a lot of energy to flirt with young girls, knowing that his hard work earns its reward, in our case, a juicy little teenager called Dominica Fox. The cute little girl is a curious beauty, and she also felt attracted by older people, so she didn't say no when Eddie offered her a one-night stand.
Views: 1 Apr 5, 2015 Report

On the way home Skyler got confronted by a satyr. The man opened his trenchcoat and revealed his willy with a mad smile on her face. But he never imagined Skyler will kneel down and get that old cock into her young mouth!
Views: 61 Apr 4, 2015 Report

Old Eddie and young Denise take an afternoon nap together, but Eddie gets horny feeling that cute nude body pressing against him. His erection wakes up the cute girl too, and this means the end of the short nap, just to give place to a hot afternoon fuck, where Denise sucks and rides Eddie's old cock.
Views: 1 Apr 4, 2015 Report

I was working out at the nearby gym, when suddenly a man emerged from the sauna. He looked like a real old perv, wearing nothing underneath his bathrobe. He stepped to me and with this movement, his robe opened, revealing what I suspected...
Views: 1 Apr 3, 2015 Report

Lucky Eddie nailed it again! He seduced the cute little redhead Minnie Manga for a wild night in the bed. Minnie loves cock more than anything, and she has a taste for way older man, so she was quick to accept the invitation, and got her cute mouth and pussy fucked raw.
Views: 1 Apr 3, 2015 Report

Simon is a fifty-something businessman, in search of nice teengirls for webcam work. Yeah, sex, he means. So first he needs to try out the candidates to see who's better... And today he visits Suzi for a try!
Views: 62 Apr 2, 2015 Report

Old sport Teddy still can sneak in the snake into a... Snake? Yes. The lucky old geezer bang no less that the stunningly sexy Stacy Snake, stuffing the girl's cute pink taco with his sausage, and then covered that delicious tummy with his old seed. Who would have thought, right?
Views: 2 Apr 2, 2015 Report

Kitty is a social worker who takes care of old people, but somewhere during her work she got a fondness for old man Teddy. The grandpa was always so kind with her, with his lovely compliment and naughty remarks, until she lured the young social worker into his bed and onto his cock.
Views: 2 Apr 1, 2015 Report

A real casting couch cutie: Lara Maria! I asked her if she's into sex, and she said yes. Then I asked her if she likes experienced guys, and she said of course. But did she think I meant grandpas? Let's find out!
Views: 1 Apr 1, 2015 Report

Woohooo! You thought cute little girls don't like ugly grandpas with bushy moustache? Well, you're wrong, then! Because this candy-sweet little teen cunt likes them, and likes them a lot indeed!
Views: 3 Mar 31, 2015 Report

There are things you never can get bored with. For Eddie, these are women. He always finds himself a new, fresh pussy to entertain himself with. This time she is Ashley Woods, a kinky little brunette who likes an old cock as much as the cock loves her. Good find, Eddie!
Views: 1 Mar 31, 2015 Report

Horny grandpa Albert is in a top shape again and he starts his summer seductions with a blonde sweetie Linda Ray. The curvy beauty surely likes to ride on an experienced cock, and Albert could never say no to a young teenager pussy. The result is some arousing old-young hardcore session and we don't spoil too much surprises if we tell, Albert cums all over that tight young body.
Views: 62 Mar 30, 2015 Report

What's his secret?, you might ask, when observing this sugardaddy and his oh-so-young sweetheart? She's barely legal, just over eighteen - and he's close to sixty! There must have been a special sex secret if he's able to keep her!
Views: 2 Mar 30, 2015 Report

Just a drink, that's what that handsome middle aged man offered me. He'll invite me fro a drink, he said, without any further commitments. But then, how exactly did we end up in fucking each other wildly?
Views: 1 Mar 29, 2015 Report

Deborah and Albert, despite of the age difference, are good buddies. Or more precisely, they fuck-buddies. Albert loves the younger women, Deborah is keen on old man, and they both share a fetish about warm pee rolling down on their throat and skin. They spend an active afternoon together, as usual, and we will tag along to enjoy their pleasure.
Views: 1 Mar 29, 2015 Report

Grandpa is lucky indeed, now look at that fine teen babe undressing in front of him! He might be in her eighties, but hell, his pecker is hard as rock, an ready to work on Ksara's wet hole!
Views: 2 Mar 28, 2015 Report

Eddie shows up for the annual examination, to check his blood pressure and other bodily functions. But for his biggest surprise, instead of the usual old doctor, the young, stunningly sexy Dr. Chary waits him. Being a new doctor Chary has to check everything to get a full picture, including Eddie's prostate, his urine and his cock too.
Views: 1 Mar 28, 2015 Report

It can be distracting to work with such a a hot babe like Chary Kiss. It is a well known scientific fact that the male body cannot support both 'brains' with blood. So Erik faces quite a challenge there, feeling ashamed by the fact that his hormones so easily control him when the girl is around. Luckily the devoted and pretty colleague wants to finish with the work, and she is ready to drive Erik's urges away so they can focus on the task ahead.
Views: 3 Mar 27, 2015 Report

Aletta is back, and she's just as horny as earlier. That's good news for sure, since we all want to see her doing the nastiest things, am I right? If your answer is yes, then do check out this kinky scene with this young teenage girl and that middle-aged sugardaddy!
Views: 1 Mar 27, 2015 Report

Albert really takes care about his friend's girlfriend... maybe a bit too good care. Sad little Devil is vulnerable, uncertain, and maybe a bit horny. No wonder she ends up lips around Albert's old cock, sucking if there is no tomorrow. Albert mind gets blow off while Devil gives the head of his old life, finally cumming over the girl's face and lips.
Views: 2 Mar 26, 2015 Report

Sergeant Montana is on the streets again, and he found yet another renitent teengirl who smokes and drinks vodka instead of going to school. And as he tries to question her, she behaves really badly... time to investigate the case!
Views: 1 Mar 26, 2015 Report

Do you know what I like about old fart like Albert? They haven't been close to pussy for ages so they're willing to do everything to get what they need. And thus, I can ask them to serve me... and they do the most bizarre things. Albert is my pissmop today, catching my sweet droplets of piss with his wide open mouth... because that's what I like!
Views: 1 Mar 25, 2015 Report

Freshly divorced Daddy buys an old motorbike to pick up nice young girls with. He speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour, wow, pretty dangerous! At least he attracts the attention of a 19-y-o girl who wants to ride his motor, too!
Views: 1 Mar 25, 2015 Report

Whenever George has some erotic dreams, he wakes up with an urge to fuck a tight pussy! Last time he was fucking his sex toy when his granddaughter's girlfriend spotted him...
Views: 2 Mar 24, 2015 Report

Mia Moon is just eighteen and she has such a petite body! But she's one naughty teen indeed, she loves older men! She was totally crazy for Teddy's old hairy body and sucked his vintage wiener like there's no tomorrow!
Views: 1 Mar 24, 2015 Report

Lolly feels a bit bad, so the doctor arrives to feel her pulse. But as he touches her soft skin, her temperature rises. She is in fever - to such the handsome old doctor's hard dick!
Views: 2 Mar 23, 2015 Report

Sun, this horny girl realized that she likes old farts. What? No, she indeed loves them! There wasn't a thing she didn't wanted to do when Teddy asked her to... see the rest here!
Views: 2 Mar 23, 2015 Report

Could you imagine that Tatiana came so many miles just to get fucked by my pal Bruno? Well, she's such a horny little bitch she really deserves what she got this time... check her out and enjoy her scene!
Views: 2 Mar 22, 2015 Report

Wilma is a horny teen and hey, she's here to get her first black cock. So if you think she likes it big, you're right! Let's take a closer look on this nasty honey!
Views: 1 Mar 22, 2015 Report

Adrienne is cheating on her old lover. Or isn't she? Anyways, she's up to convincing him of her love and devotion - by sucking and fucking like there's no tomorrow!
Views: 1 Mar 21, 2015 Report

This mothafucka pimp thinks Hawaiian shirts and a coupe is enough for seducing young and dumb girls. How pathetic! But hey, stop for a minute, it seems his method works, indeed...! Now let's take a look at how his old cock got some fresh meat!
Views: 1 Mar 21, 2015 Report

Old George could not believe his eyes when he returned from toilet early morning. There was a young, fresh girl in his bed, arms and legs akimbo, pussy wide open, waiting for him! Is this a dream or reality?
Views: 2 Mar 20, 2015 Report

Now, look at what a nice teen pussy Eddie found recently! He's such an old casanova he finds the best and horniest pussies everywhere! And that dumbass teengirl, she's a sucker for Eddie's old charm - and happily offers her tight pussy for him!
Views: 2 Mar 20, 2015 Report

Brandy meets the handsome teacher who's in his fifties and still has a hard cock to offer for the teen girl. If you suspect brandy is horny enough to accept the offer, take a look at the outcome!
Views: 1 Mar 19, 2015 Report

Yogi must be the luckiest person alive: he's visited by a true angel, a nineteen-year-old cutiepie who offers her tight young body entirely for the sake of lust and passion. Now it's his chance to take her offerings!
Views: 1 Mar 19, 2015 Report

Old George got a nice present for his birthday! His wife no longer wants to have sex, but she still wants George to be happy and have a good time. So as a present she offered a young, fresh pussy for the old guy...
Views: 2 Mar 18, 2015 Report

She's 18. Enough said, I think! Eighteen and so naughty, that's exactly what we all love, huh? Now Viva's in search of an experienced sex teacher who could teach her some good tips and tricks... How about this daddy bear?
Views: 2 Mar 18, 2015 Report

Lara Amour, mon amour! The lovely little lady has a thing for old guys, so it seems, because this old gentlemen gets seduced by her charming youth and sparkling personality.... and of course, her tight wet pussy! Take a look at how Lara managed all that...!
Views: 1 Mar 17, 2015 Report

Lois thought she's home alone, and started to watch porn. But her mother's old friend came home and found her masturbating in front of the telly! What would you do in a similar situation?
Views: 1 Mar 17, 2015 Report

Mony is back, this time looking better than ever after her pregnancy! She can't wait to get more of the old farts cock inside her, so let's cut the crap and let them get on with it!
Views: 2 Mar 16, 2015 Report

I told you Betty is a really horny teen bitch. Now it seems she can't have enough and I invited my friend Carlos to give her a thorough hardcore treatment!
Views: 1 Mar 16, 2015 Report

Teen Moni is pregnant and her doctor visits her for a gynecologic examination. He discovers her vagina is too small for the baby - and needs one final stretch before delivering...
Views: 1 Mar 16, 2015 Report

Kissy meets her old lover while her parents are away, but the neighbor spots them. He goes over to bundle out the old guy - and have the tiny teen body all for himself!
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Stella is a cutie - with perverted dreams! She desperately needs an older teacher who'll let her do it the right way, from ass-licking to giga-blowjobs!
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Katarina curiously observes the worker in her papa's garden. He's so big and muscular... soon nasty thoughts are in her mind and she could not resist the temptation to take a closer look on the man!
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Okay, this cute little teen bitch arrived for a casting, but she didn't know we were searching for teen talents for an old guy site. But hey, we started to have fun with her, you know, make her show her pussy, and such things, and when it turned out she's ready to fuck with anyone, in fact, we gave her a few bucks and Eddie fucked Izabella first in front on the camera. Enjoy this casting bitch getting laid!
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Our neighbour is a jack-of-all-trades repairman who occassionally fixes motors and bikes. So it was obvious that I'll visit him when I had problems with my moped. I wanted to agree on payment before, but he didn't wanted to take cash... instead, I insisted to pay in sex! He happily accepted my young wet pussy and I got my moped fixed and my face creamed with jizz!
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Soldier Heart is on military training. She wonders why that grumpy old Colonel wants even more situps and pressups from her... But it turns out that the old pervert wants a nice view of her fresh young bum and pussy! And later on in the health aptitude test he indeed gets what he deserves: a creamy soft pussy in full view!
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Denisa is not doing good in school. Her main weakness is English language and her mother says she needs more practicing. So her private teacher visits her twice a week to help her with... err... how do you say this in English?
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Avril has just finished reading Little house on the prairie and she got so much fascinated with farmer lifestyle that she decided it's high time to learn how to ride a horse. So she visited the nearby farm and met the older instructor guy who will teach her ride a horse... or ride his dick?! Soon the two ended up fucking wildly while the horse stood patiently just a few feet away...
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The nastiest scene with one of the nastiest girls I know: Zadie. Plus a couple of my friends, Albert, Old George and so on. I hope you like nasty things, because we have it all in here!
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My neighbor is the type of guy who likes to mess around with tools, wood, you know, doing everything around the house. And as for me, I like to hang around in his workshop...
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No, this Rihana i not the famous singer, she's just a horny Romanian gypsy girl who came to our studio for her first old dick! Indeed, she got it because Yogi was already waiting to stuff his vintage cock into her tight and wet teen cunt! How much did she enjoy this new & kinky experience? Check it out yourselves by watching the explicit hardcore vids of Rihana and Yogi!
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Kira was on the balcony when she spotted the old gardener. she was silently watching. Her interest grew as time passed by, finally she called his name and demanded that her 'bush' should need some attention too!
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Katinka, this tiny teen is the bookworm type, her classmates call her 'eager beaver'. But you can never know with teengirls, maybe she's a sex maniac, having sex with the first guy around?!
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Grandpa has some trouble with his car so calls a mechanic to fix it. I am to keep an eye on the repairman while grandpa is away. Of course, I'm more than happy to lend a hand as well...!
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Aletta accepts a candy from the neighbor she often plays with. But she doesn't suspect he wants something in exchange! She's a curious little girl so she doesn't mind getting naked for him!
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The postman always rings twice, for sure, especially when a sexy teengirl answer his calling. And who'd bother with packs and letters when her bathrobe reveals the perkiest tits a man can ever see... and it seems she's horny enough to spend some hours with the kinky-minded postman...!
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What a contrast: supercute young, adorable honey Greta and hmm... well, rather average looking guy with some extra pounds. But still, he manages to screw her!
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Sexy teen Antynia rides her bike, seemingly unsuspecting. When a police officer stops her she starts to panic and confesses she has something illegal hidden in her watch. The rude officer insists on performing a full body search and pulls on his rubber gloves to explore Antynia's pussy... There might be something hidden in there, so better check it out, huh?
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Lily got caught by the police! There's something wrong with her driving licence and she has to pay a fine. But instead of paying, she offers her wet pussy to make the old policeman happy!
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I have no clue why I haven't invited Misty for my old-young hardcore site... but to fix the problem, I gave her a call last week and she happily said yes to my offer. She said she hasn't tried out any older guys so far and it's high time for her to do so! You're at the right place, girlie, I thought and introduced her to my old chap Yogi... And the rest you can see as an old-young porn vid here!
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Lee was playing in the garden with her ball and her hoola hoops - alone. But why anyone would not play with her? She says the boys won't play with her because she has a virgin ass... Time to change the situation and look for new friends!
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Never leave your daughter alone in the garden, especially when the horny gardener is around! If you don't listen to me, this would happen to your sweetheart as well...!
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This is surely no pensioners' home, since we have a bunch of horny old pals, getting a tremendous bj from Aletta, this kinky minded teen bitch! If you like nasty girls, you'll definitely enjoy this scene, where she blows four old chaps at the same time! Something you don't want to miss, I bet! So take a look at this sizzling hot old-young blowbang scene with Aletta!
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Nasty teen Schlucki is a thief, her technique is quite unique: she pretends she has to pee, rings the bell and when the innocent owner lets her in, she steals some worthy goods while he is not looking. She rarely gets caught... except for now!
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Simony met many guys to have sex with, but in reality she was searching for a good, experienced lover who could finally satisfy her hunger. Her choice now is Yogi, and old guy with lots of experience...
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Someone tried to attack me on the streets but an old cripple came and he chased the attacker away with his crutch. When in return I walked him home and he invited me in, it turned out the old guy is not a real cripple... but a sexmachine!
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Mommy sent her little daughter  to the building site with some sandwiches. The little girl is happy to hand the worker his well-earned lunch... but he seems to be hungry for something else! So when the cutie wants to see her new room, the old perv simply fucks her for good and cums all over her bald head!
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